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:iconuparrowplz: This means Scotland curse those stupid bastards for voting 'No'

The name's Edie. Prosper if you'd prefer. Can't be arsed with a description - if you wanna know about me, look at the stamps - it's why I put them there.

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"Come on, Prosper, say it. Say 'Gobber'."
"Oh, for fuck's sake."
"See? I told you I'm her favourite."
"Listen here, Prossie - I'm your godfather, and I'm supposed to buy you stuff. The least you could do for me is say Gobber. Gob-ber. Your mother's fairly smart, you should be able to pick this up pretty easily."
"No. Gob-ber."
"Yes, keep going!"
"This is ridiculous, Prosper. Gobber."
"Stoick! Your child is broken, and needs to sort out her priorities."
  1. If I ever talk about wars or battles, it's got nothing to do with dragons. The Viking tribes in the Barbaric Archipelago are all buy-and-large at war with each other for various different reasons. Some alliances do exist; for example, Berk and the two surrounding islands, which are inhabited by the Meatheads and the Bog-Burglars, manage to coexist reasonably well. Various tribes like the Peacables don't really give a shit about the whole 'war' thing, so tend to keep out of it. The Outcasts, Berserkers, Uglithugs, Hysterics, and Murderouses basically hate everyone for various reasons. The Outcasts killed Thora's parents; Erik was the Uglithugs' doing, and the gathering on the Bog-Burglar island in which Valka was killed and Prosper almost died was a combined effort of the Outcasts, Berserkers, and Uglithugs - with some internal assistance from Iona, a Bog-Burglar, and the widow of the Outcasts' former chief. I felt as though that needed explaining.  

  2. The Bog-Burglar tribe is entirely matriarchal - they have a history of only ever having female chiefs, men are often married off to much older women, and traditional 'female' roles are reserved for the men. The Meatheads are exactly the opposite, with an exceptionally strict patriarchal system. Meathead women and Bog-Burglar men are trained in weapon handling in case the island is attacked, but almost never go into battle. As for the Hooligans - anything goes. It's less common as chiefs tend to have multiple children, and a boy will become first in line for it, but female chiefs are allowed. 

  3. Very few men born into the Bog-Burglar tribe choose to stay there, and often defect to other tribes; usually the Meatheads, just because it's convenient geographically. Bog-Burglars tend to have the most 'mixed' blood of any tribe, given that not all that many of their blokes choose to stick around. Similar changes in tribal allegiance do happen with Meathead women, but are a lot less common. 

  4. The Viking tribes aren't at war with the dragons; however, they don't utilise them for riding either. If  anything, they're mostly like outdoor cats; many Hooligans keep them as sort-of pets - they give them food, shelter, and free range to come and go from their homes as they please, and in return, the dragons offer up some description of protection or service to their Vikings as and when required. Many are still feral, however, and exhibit vicious behaviour towards humans. Generally, the larger the breed, the more difficult they are to train. The general size of a "pet" dragon is between that of a large Great Dane and an Irish Cob. Anything larger is generally too difficult to domesticate, or won't fit in a house. Smaller breeds do exist, and have similar relationships with humans, but they're less common. 

  5. Stoick's dragon is a Rumblethorn named Skullcrusher; Valka has a Stormcutter named Cloudjumper; Prosper's is a Thunderdrum named Sorscha; Gobber owns an ancient Hotburple named Grump, who literally moves so infrequently he has started growing moss in the past; Thora has a Monstrous Nightmare named Doombringer; and Erik owns a Gronckle called Goliath. 

  6. The reason that Prosper has a verb for a name is as follows; Stoick was absolutely desperate to have a child – besides the whole ‘needed an heir’ business, he was just super-big on the idea of parenting and all that jazz. Valka, however, was less keen. Eventually, she agreed to rent out her uterus for nine months on the grounds that she got to name the baby. Thus, Prosper – Valka apparently has somewhat bizarre taste in names.

  7. Had it been up to Stoick, she’d have been named after a valkyrie – Sigdrífa. It means ‘victory-urger’ or something along those lines. Stoick is a drama queen. 

  8. Valka absolutely hates babies – she doesn’t mind toddlers and older kids, but when they’re at the eat-sleep-cry-shit-piss-puke phase, she can’t deal with them. Too much responsibility, blah blah. Thus she really didn’t start really bonding all that much with Prosper until the girl was about a year old. She was obligingly maternal, and she did love her, but Prosper was parented almost entirely by Stoick during her infancy.

  9.  However, Val doesn’t mind Tyr at all – they hit it off almost instantly, actually, and she loves him to bits. It’s mostly to do with the fact that, as a grandparent, she can have him for an hour or two until she gets fed up or he shits himself, and then give him back to his parents.

  10. Stoick absolutely adores kids, and his wife can’t understand why. When Prosper was little, he used to attend meetings, go about his chiefly duties, and generally just walk about with her in a sling on his chest before she could walk, then toddling along beside him as soon as she could. They were literally inseparable. Likewise, when Tyr was born, Prosper practically had to fight him off of her father every time she visited him and it came time to leave.

  11. By the time Prosper was around six months old, Valka had to physically prevent Stoick from getting up to sort her when she cried, because people were moaning that he was dead from the neck up 24/7 because of how little sleep he was getting.

  12. Prosper didn’t speak until she was about two and a half, and then suddenly broke out in full sentences. Nobody’s quite sure how this happened – though it was some sort of battle-related jargon, so it’s safe to say she was parroting something which she had heard from Stoick.

  13.  Having lost her first baby, during her second pregnancy, Erik pretty much had Prosper wrapped in cotton wool from the beginning of the second trimester, and she was basically on constant bed rest against her will for the last few weeks of the third. Keeping her indoors was somewhat like trying to keep a hat on a dog - it took the combined efforts of Erik, Stoick, and Valka, and even then they struggled to keep her in one place. She had to be constantly supervised, and even then she managed to escape somehow on a few occasions. Stoick almost had a heart attack when he caught her on the roof a week before the baby was due. For some reason, Prosper has a particular fondness for hanging out on roofs.

  14. Prosper was a climber. Basically, from the moment she could walk, she was up virtually every tree, table, shelf, and whatever else she could find as soon as she found it - Valka found her in the rafters at least twice when she was about three or four. She endured an endless number of sprained joints and scraped knees as a youngster, but this did little if anything to put her off. 

  15. Stoick initially saw her sense of adventure as harmless and playful  until she properly hurt herself for the first time. When she was five, she fell whilst trying to scale the side of the house (out of boredom, apparently - Valka had been off doing something or other, and he had turned his back for about two minutes,) which earned her a fractured shin and skinned elbows. This returned her to her babyhood days of being lumped around everywhere on her father's hip while she healed (which she put up a front of being embarrassed about, but secretly quite enjoyed) followed by several months of not being allowed out of her parents' sight, which she liked significantly less.

  16.  Valka was similarly terrible to her daughter at the whole 'childbearing' thing. Both she and Prosper share in the traits that they have no sense of danger, and possess all the risk assessment skills of a dessert fork, so for Stoick and Valdís, keeping both Valka and Prosper alive while Val was pregnant proved near-to impossible; ignoring the fact that Val could probably be knocked over by a stiff breeze, which is not a common trait among Berk women, which had a lot of people fearing for her well-being because 'there's just so little of her' between the 'no, fuck off, I can do that myself' attitude, the constant arguments of 'Stoh, I'm only six months in, and it's only a wee battle - now piss off and give my my sword back', and the violent morning sickness and hormonal overload which made her liable to bite the head off of anyone who came near her when they didn't want them to, the pair of them were about as eager to get the baby out as she was by the end of the whole thing. 

  17. Prosper was a month premature - her genetics and metabolism account for some of it, but this is a lot of the reason why she was so skinny and waifish during her early/teenage years. She's also kind of fragile because she doesn't carry much extra weight - she bruises very easily, and she's by no means a strange to broken bones. 

  18. Gobber's nickname for her growing up was 'streak of piss', as she was very lanky and skinny - pretty much all arms and legs - until she stopped growing upwards. This was meant with good humour, however. 

  19. Her weapon of choice is a longsword, and it was Valka who taught her how to use one. Stoick taught her how to braid her hair. 

  20. Gobber is exceptionally cack-handed when it comes to children, but they for some reason seem to really like him. Thanks to her adoptive father, Thora had an exceptionally eloquent vocabulary of curse words by the time she was seven (which she wasted no time in teaching to Prosper) and was spoiled absolutely rotten growing up given that Gobber appeared to forget the meaning of the word ‘no’ whenever she asked him something. Tyr gets away with murder whenever he’s left alone with him (or Thora for that matter, though to a lesser extent.) He’s very much of the ‘killing with kindness’ type.

  21. Valdís, Valka's elder sister and Thora's mother, was run through and immediately killed during a battle with the Outcasts when Thora was five. Henrik, her father, was badly wounded, but made it back to Berk alive. However, he succumbed to infection within a matter of weeks. Valka and Stoick were initially meant to take her, but Prosper had just been born, and Valka was obviously grieving over the death of her sister, so during his last few days, Henrik decided to leave his daughter in the capable yet somewhat questionable hands...well, hand of Gobber. 

  22. Thora has never called Gobber 'dad' or anything along those lines. She was old enough to remember her parents when they died, and he didn't want to try and make himself a replacement for them. She's called him 'dad' once, and she was exceptionally concussed at the time. 

  23. Stoick named Tyr. Prosper managed to inherit her mother’s non-existent baby-naming prowess, so decided to let him pick her son’s name for the sake of him not having an utterly idiotic name for the rest of his life. 

  24. Thora is the shortest adult in the Hooligan tribe, and far from pleased about it; she’s just a little under 5’5”. By comparison; Gobber is 5’9”; Erik is 5’11”; Valka is 6’; Dragonheart is about 6’1”; Prosper is 6’2”; and Stoick is 6’8”. 

  25. Dragonheart was born into the Berserk tribe, but exiled during her late teens. She knows that her real name is Dagmær, and can’t actually remember how she finished up with the nickname Dragonheart, but she hates her given name, so virtually never responds to it.

  26. Prosper finished up with her facial scar in an incident which she next-to always lies about. Stoick talks with his hands a lot, and her eye height when she was about nine was roughly where his hands finished up when he threw his arms out. He was in the middle of a discussion about...something of little matter with Spitelout, and happened to have a knife in his hand. Prosper came up behind him to announce that she and Thora were about to go out and no doubt do something stupid – out went the arms, and the rest is history. Stoick was absolutely beside himself – he probably cried more than she did, and apologized at least a thousand times in the hour that followed while Valka cleaned her up and tried to console her husband and daughter (the former was a lot more difficult) – and they can laugh about it now, but he still feels somewhat guilty for the whole thing. She tends to shrug it off by telling people it was from some stupid brawl with a member of some visiting tribe or another.

  27. Thora’s story is a tad more interesting. She got the scratches down her cheek from a Gronckle she attacked when she was a baby.

  28. By the time she eventually lost it aged thirty-one, Thora had managed to break or otherwise injure her right leg at least eleven or so times. At least six of these incidents were Prosper-related – they got up to a hell of a lot of stupid shit when they were younger.

  29. Thora had ass-long hair until her mid-teens – that didn’t bode well with the whole ‘blacksmith’ thing; she managed to set it on fire when she was fifteen-ish, and chopped it for convenience’s sake as well as to get rid of all the gross burnt stuff. She’s never missed it. Like, at all.

  30. Thora is a hopeless romantic. She falls in love very hard, and very easily, but has never really been in a long-term relationship; Berk isn't that big an island, so its sapphic population is pretty small, and anything between neighbouring tribes was never built to last given that they would seldom see each other unless one was willing to move, which they never were. The one which took her the longest to recover from was a Nutjob warrioress named Gunnr. They still see each other from time to time, and exchange awkward eye contact, but nothing more; it was incredibly one-sided on Thora's part. Gunnr was really only after a one-nighter for the sake of experimentation, but for Thora, it was...more. She made a bit of an arse of herself; it's a long story. 

  31. Prosper has almost never cut her hair. A few times, it’s finished up super-matted or burnt (burning being quite a frequent occurrence when you live among dragons like they're gigantic housecats,) and it was unavoidable, but the length of it is generally speaking left alone. She braids it to the side if she’s not doing something which it’s likely to get in the way of; down her back when she sleeps; and separates it into three braids, which she pins in spirals at the sides and back of her head when she needs it out of her way.

  32. Prosper was incredibly ginger when she was a child. Her hair started to darken to a sort of reddy-brown when she got older, however. Her hair is also incredibly thick and wiry – that’s almost entirely Stoick’s genetics

  33. During his early years, Tyr was weirdly obsessed with hair; particularly playing with or chewing it. This was the bane of  almost all who knew him's existences; Prosper had to start adopting her battle hairstyle almost 24/7 because he would rip out hanks when she fed or held him; Gobber would tuck his moustache behind his ears when handling him, simply because that was about the only hair which he had going spare, and conserving it was kind of important; Stoick's beard suffered tremendously during Tyr's first five years because he was too much of a pushover to scold his grandson for pulling it; the only person who didn't have an issue with this was Thora, just because her hair is so short anyway. 

  34. Tyr was old enough to understand when Erik died, but too young to have many decent memories of him. Like, he knew various things about him, and had tiny snatches of memory from when he was around five or six (Erik was killed when Tyr was six and a half) but by his tween years, he struggled to remember what his father’s voice had sounded like, or the exact details of his face which he had once been able to recall. 

  35. After Erik died, Prosper could very often be found - or rather, not found - at night, sitting alone in exceptionally weird places (roofs, cliffs, in trees, and the like) where she knew she wasn't going to be disturbed; in silence, lost with her thoughts. After several incidents, involving two near cases of hypothermia, various attacks by various feral dragons, and a broken wrist, Thora eventually had to start sleeping in her house to make sure that she wasn't sneaking out during the wee hours. 

  36. Thora can't have children. However, being a lesbian, meaning motherhood was never really an option for her, this doesn't bother her. She essentially co-parents Tyr anyway. 

  37. Tyr picked up on both of his parents’ personalities in a big way – like Prosper, he’s very inquisitive and curious, and like Erik, he’s headstrong and somewhat balshy. This is a nightmare of a combination, particularly as he has his mother, two grandparents, a whatever-the-fuck-relation-Gobber-is-to-him, and an Auntie Thora (who isn’t actually his auntie) wrapped around his little finger. He could run almost as soon as he could crawl; climbs and chews anything and everything even remotely climbable or chewable; if he decides that he doesn’t want to bathe, then he doesn’t bathe; and he takes clothing changes to mean time to run away. Toilet training him was probably the reason why the word ‘nightmare’ was invented.

  38. Tyr is blonde – like, really, really blonde. However, he’s got hazel eyes. Prosper’s are green, and Erik’s amber, so neither of them are quite sure how this finished up happening.

  39. Tyr has an extreme hatred for any sort of personal maintenance or hygiene - if possible, he totally avoids bathing, cutting his hair or fingernails, getting his hair in any way put up or brushed (refusing to cut it meaning that it generally reaches his shoulderblades,) and changing his clothes. Prosper hasn't the faintest clue where he gets this from, because both she and Erik were/are extremely meticulous about their appearances (well, at least regarding not looking like they'd just been dragged backwards through a hedge,) and none of his standard babysitters/minders (Stoick, Valka, Gobber, Thora, Dragonheart, and Ase) are particularly filthy, so it's none of their influence. 

  40. Prosper is awful for swearing too much, but dislikes Tyr doing the same thing. Thanks to Thora and Gobber, at five years old, he knew more swearwords than she even had any idea existed at that age (and that was with Thora being her primary influence.) The number of times he is told by his mother to 'watch his fucking language' (or Viking equivalent) in a week is astonishing.  

Various Prosper-verse Headcanons and Titbits
This piece is the exact definition of the phrase 'I got carried away'. I set out to do what was essentially one of my WwL canon dumps, but finished up writing a small novel. I just felt as though I had a lot of explaining to do, and also just a few things that I wanted to put in for shits and giggles because they wouldn't make their way into a story unless I specifically chose to write about them (and most of the time, there isn't much there worth writing about anyway.)

I wanted to do a few modern ones too, but once I hit thirty, I was like 'fuck no, that's not happening or I will bore somebody to literal death'. The only one that I've got so far anyway is that, in a modern scenario, Thora is a welder, and she likes Cyndi Lauper. Like, waaay too much. 
Erik the Lionheart by Prosper-the-XVIII
Erik the Lionheart
Probably one of my other most frequently mentioned Prosper-verse characters. Erik is Prosper's husband; he's five years her senior, which by Viking standards is quite a small age gap (Valka and Stoick have ten years between them, and even that isn't considered much) and her rock. He keeps her grounded, as she has a tendency to get carried away with herself, and come out with some absolutely shite ideas on occasion regarding politics or warfare. Dealing with her entirely chaotic life often proves tiresome for him, but he loves her to pieces nonetheless. Likewise, he's also a patient and loving father to Tyr, which is fantastic, as it provides him with some kind of a break from his entirely chaotic mother (even though he inherited a lot of her personality and general Prosper-ness.) He and Prosper are quite the unusual combination, given that Prosper is mad as a box of frogs, and would probably forget to breathe without him there reminding her. 

In terms of his personality; he has the patience of a saint, and a memory like a steel trap; he's very sharp and intelligent, but also quite balshy and stubborn at times. He's usually very level-headed, but occasionally something will happen which makes him snap, and when that happens, CLEAR THE FUCKING ROOM. You definitely wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Oh, and he dies when Tyr's six and a half, and Prosper's thirty. I couldn't bear referring to him in the past tense. Just as I can't bear killing Stoick off. Hence why that hasn't happened yet. He's just fuckin immortal. 
Ase the Fiery by Prosper-the-XVIII
Ase the Fiery
Anybody who tells me that she looks like Merida is going to be punched in the throat :grump: Putting her in a blue shirt was a crappy idea given her hair colour. 

Basically, Ase is a bit of a cow. She's fiery-hearted, headstrong, and stubborn as an ox - as well as being condescending, overbearing, and just generally kind of mean. She and Thora get along horrendously - she's a relation of Prosper's on Stoick's side (they're second cousins or something like that) which leads Ase to believe that she gets some description of weigh-in on political matters; this annoys Prosper and Stoick no end, and they eventually had to start banning her from Council of War meetings. Her sexuality is pretty ambiguous - it's not something that she really thinks about, but she does know that she has no interest at all in starting a family, and that she's harbouring quite the hate-crush on Thora. She's also a serious show-boater when it comes to warfare; she believes that she's the tits when it comes to military leadership and weapons handling, but is actually somewhat crap on both counts. 
Dagmaer 'Dragonheart' the Barbarous by Prosper-the-XVIII
Dagmaer 'Dragonheart' the Barbarous
Dragonheart isn't a character you've been introduced to yet, and she's probably the one who I have changed the most. Firstly, as I've been using almost entirely old Norse names for my characters except from her, Dragonheart became a nickname. More on that in a thingy I'll post later. She wasn't born into the Hooligans, rather fled from a different tribe after being exiled. Again, more on that later. 

Personality-wise, she's quite timid, but also very pessimistic and cynical - not in an intentional or mean way, rather because that's just the way she is. She's very opinionated, but quiet about it - basically, if she speaks to you at all, then you're probably best friends. She is, however, very skilled in battle - she's a Berserker, and can also run pretty much the fastest of anyone on Berk. 
To the man who called my dog 'vicious' this morning, and said that I shouldn't be walking him and that he aught to be put down,

Image by Prosper-the-XVIII

This is Hector. He is a six-year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and we bought him as a puppy when I was eight years old. Ever since he has been a gorgeous, loving family pet, one of the best friends I have ever had, and most importantly, he has never harmed man nor beast. This is the dog that nearly shat himself because a baby blackbird made a noise at him for christ's sake. Obviously, however, you wouldn't know this. 

I walk my dog on an extendable lead as coming to his name isn't one of his greatest talents - not because he is vicious, or because he's done something wrong in the past. Obviously, you didn't know that either, and I would never have expected you to. But as I walked towards you, with my dog on a short lead, glued to my hip, one of yours jumps out towards me and starts growling, barking, and snapping at my Hector, going for his throat - clearly trying to attack him - and you obviously make no attempt to restrain your dog even as it gnashes and snarls at mine. I pulled away quickly, at this point obviously shaken, and being the stupid overly-apologetic Brit that I am, the first word out of my mouth is "sorry" - perhaps a bad move on my part, because it seemed to piss you off.

It was at that point that you started spitting abuse at me; telling me that my dog is inherently evil, and that he has attacked other dogs-and also apparently your own - before. Then, after I calmly yet firmly tell you otherwise, I am patronised and embarrassed in a public place as you tell me to 'watch my tone of voice' like you were my fucking parent, then that my dog shouldn't be allowed out, and that he aught to be put to sleep because he's a vicious monster. 

You are not blind. A child could have seen what your dog was trying to do to mine. I do understand that maybe this kind of behaviour was unusual for your dog, but blaming mine for it is bang out of order. You don't know me, and you don't know Hector. You don't know that he has been my shoulder to cry on since the day we got him; you don't know that this time last year, him sleeping by my side was the only way that I myself could get to sleep as I was so paralysingly afraid of dying or being murdered in my sleep that I was having panic attacks; you don't know that he has been the most gentle and loving companion to my eighty-one year old grandmother for the last six and a half years; you don't know that he has never intentionally harmed a single living creature in his life. 

Hector is a big dog - I don't deny this. And this does tend to make people slightly afraid of him - while I don't necessarily agree with it, I can understand this too. But to accuse him of being vicious, and to tell me that he deserves to die when we both just watched your's try to rip his throat out is pathetic. Just because he is bigger than your dog doesn't give you an excuse to use him as a scapegoat for your pet's vile behaviour. And just because I am a teenager doesn't mean that I don't know how to control him. 

To the man who verbally abused me and my pet this morning, and reduced me to continuing my walk in a state of shock, and in tears; either learn how to control your dogs, or don't have them. Learn how to speak civilly to people, or don't speak. And most importantly, learn the difference between being a big dog, and being a vicious dog, or pipe the fuck down about any animal besides your own's behaviour. Because you don't know them. 

Fuck you,

Edie Urquhart 

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