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:iconuparrowplz: This means Scotland curse those stupid bastards for voting 'No'

The name's Edie. Prosper if you'd prefer. Can't be arsed with a description - if you wanna know about me, look at the stamps - it's why I put them there.

No Such Thing As Friendzone Stamp by StampMakerLKJAtheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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"Michelle? Michelle, wake up!"
"...Mhwarisit?..." Michelle didn't bother lifting her head; she just sort of grunted in acknowledgement. 
"...Shit...." Ramona groaned through gritted teeth. She was on the bedroom floor in a foetal position (or as close to a foetal position as a woman who's nine months pregnant and a size 16 even when she isn't can get) and her voice was being torn apart by short, sharp gasps and moans of pain. 
"What do you want?" Michelle was still half-asleep, cling film wrapped around her head and sea green dye smeared down her face. 
"Michelle, wake up...My waters just broke..."
"Call a fucking plumber then..." 
"I'm not kidding; get up!" Sitting up, Michelle adjusted the plastic over her hair, stretching nonchalantly, without a hint of urgency about her.
"What time is it? Holy hell, have you pissed the bed?" She looked around the room, confused. "'Mona? Where are you?"
"Michelle, I'm not messing around...a bit of urgency, please? It's two-thirty."
"Where the hell are you?"
"I'm down here, asshole..." Ramona curled in on herself again, moaning with pain. Finally deciding to be at least slightly helpful, Michelle swung herself out of bed, still without a care in the world, pulling her shirt over her head and hastily shoving her shoulders through the straps of the bra hanging on the rail at the foot of the bed. "What the fuck are you doing?" 
"I'm not going anywhere in my PJs, and neither are you - Christ, Mona, you look like you've wet yourself!"
"That's because technically I have; they wouldn't have taught you this shit in Sex Ed. Also, go fuck yourself; I'm not changing!" 
"That was harsh," Michelle spoke scathingly. "Harsh and unnecessary. Here, put this on," she flung a (presumably dirty) Aerosmith shirt at her significant other's head.
"I'm in labour; if you can't handle me at 'harsh and unnecessary' then you're gonna want to clear the room in about two hours' time. And it's a maternity unit, it's so late it's now early; they literally couldn't give less of a crap if they tried!" 
"Bitch," Michelle rolled her eyes, a slight laugh playing in her voice. By way of response, Ramona groaned again, this one punctuated by a plethora of curse words and insults.

Their conversation was split apart by a small, male voice screaming from the bedroom across the hallway; "What the FUCK is going on?" Evidently, their four-year old, Jed. That was followed by the frantic scrabbling as he tried (and failed yet again) to figure out how the doorknob worked. Michelle looked around at her partner, scowling.
"Did you teach him that?"
"Probably at some point...I didn't mean to!"
"Just like you didn't mean to teach him how to tell his nursery class the explicit meaning of the word 'dyke', I'm sure..." 
"Hey, I can't help what he overhears- fuck..." Ramona hissed again, clutching her belly. 
"Hmm, I wonder how on earth he picked that up-"
"One; I'm at tops five hours away from shoving an object the size of a fucking watermelon out of my vag - I have an excuse. Two; stop being a cunt." 
"Please shut up before I stab you," Michelle chucked a pair of trousers out of their wardrobe, and it hit her spouse in the face. 
"They don't even fit me any more!" Ramona was now lying on her back like a starfish, her neck bent as far as it would go in an attempt to see over her stomach. Jed was pitching a full-scale fit in his bedroom now; not screaming crying - just screaming for the sake of screaming owing to him not having the complete undivided attention of his mothers. "Just don't bother."
"You're trying to say that you don't care that you're wearing soaking wet men's boxers that you put on yesterday morning?"
"Not even slightly. Just go and deal with your son - I'll meet you in the car," as if to solidify her statement, Ramona attempted to sit up; what she managed was something closer to a crunch. She attempted this another three or four times, huffing and moaning, much to Michelle's contemptuous delight. After a good minute of watching her struggle, Michelle facepalmed.
"You can't get up, can you?"
"What the hell does it look like?!"
Labour for Idiots
Oh god, this was an absolute joy to write :lol: Of any of my characters, while she's really easy to imagine as a parent, pregnant Ramona was almost impossible to picture, which almost made this funnier. I have no idea how this idea came to me, but I haven't written much fluffy stuff recently, so I was as well posting it. 

Just a little insight into Ramona and Michelle's family life, as well as how they interact with each other. 
Mona and Family by Prosper-the-XVIII
Mona and Family
I was dying to draw these guys from the minute I came up with them, so done it was. 

Alice - Matriarch of the family; into yoga, falafel, and all that kind of shit. Based a little bit sort of maybe on Susan Sarandon in the voice and looks department, but heavier-set and bustier. 

Matteo - I've been watching waaaay too much Mike and Molly recently, and I initially had him based on Vince Moranto from that show, but I'd already described him physically in Mind Over Matter, so that idea is officially dead. He's maybe based a tad on Jack Nicholson, but he does definitely have Vince's accent, however; he's born Italian, and lived in Chicago from age 19. 

Allie - No idea of an actress yet - except from Ramona, all of these characters were designed without somebody specific in mind for their faces. She's the oldest sibling in her family (Ramona is the only one who wasn't an accident, somehow,) and a doctor, who is unmarried and childless, quite happily spending her life in the company of Spud the golden retriever - she's aromantic, and also doesn't believe in marriage. 

Ramona - You should know about her by now.

Suzie - Okay, she is definitely Katy Mixon Jr (not to typecast her, but seriously, she'd be perfect.) She's a 'professional' roadie, relentless stoner, and the family disappointment (or at least she was until Ramona came out of the closet; funny, her dad went out of his way to raise three good Christian daughters, and wound up with an agnostic spinster, a butch dyke, and a pothead.) In the past, Ramona has described trying to keep a bra on her as being like 'trying to keep a hat on a dog'. 
Princess Meth-Head by Prosper-the-XVIII
Princess Meth-Head
Oh, the number of unpleasant nicknames Camille has garnered in my head...that's one of the more polite ones...

More Burton doodling, more Helena Bonham-Carter obsession channelling. It's like the Other Mother, Mrs Lovett, and Pennsatucky had a baby...:roll: For any really, really old watchers that remember the angel-faced cunt who used to pass as this character, baby got a make-under. I still can't pluck up the courage to draw her teeth. Just to give you an idea, they look something like this… You're welcome. 

I used to think my drawings of her weren't pretty enough. Now I don't think I'm making her accurately hideous. Mind you, having that bomb site of a mouth on display would help. And even in a different style, that's not far from her actual face shape. What do you expect? She chose meth over food, shelter, and teeth, and I'm 99% sure that she doesn't sleep, like ever. 
Dr. Hoffman by Prosper-the-XVIII
Dr. Hoffman
"Just look at me; every year I get half as pretty and twice as drunk."

Okay, my Helena Bonham-Carter kick isn't quite over yet; I have a serious love affair going on with this woman, so I had to draw her one more time. Technically another twice, as I have a drawing of Camille coming up too, but that doesn't really count. Anyhow, I haven't seen this film in forever, but I have a lasting love for Dark Shadows - say what you will about Johnny Depp butchering his role in it, I loved that movie - though mostly because of this character. Dr. Juila Hoffman made somewhat of an impression on me; may have been the black humour, may have been the obnoxiously coloured hair, may have been her ambiguous fate, but I'm dying for them to make a sequel revolving around her. Though I said that about Red in The Lone Ranger, and both of these movies went down like lead balloons, so I doubt that's happening any time soon. 

I also got new ProMarkers in really light skintones - I initially bought the second skin tone pack, as it had more non-pale/Caucasian skintones, thus was more versatile, but I had cash to spare, so I got the first one too - so obviously I had to draw Helena. I dipped into a Burton-esque style again just for the crack, which I haven't done in a while - I really like it :meow: 
Prosper the hypochondriac has the Black Death again....

If you took a shit, then your shit took a shit, then that shit became the Prime Minister of the Uk, that doesn't even come close to the level of shittiness which I am currently feeling.
Prosper the hypochondriac has the Black Death again....

If you took a shit, then your shit took a shit, then that shit became the Prime Minister of the Uk, that doesn't even come close to the level of shittiness which I am currently feeling.

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