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:iconuparrowplz: This means Scotland curse those stupid bastards for voting 'No'

The name's Edie. Prosper if you'd prefer. Can't be arsed with a description - if you wanna know about me, look at the stamps - it's why I put them there.

No Such Thing As Friendzone Stamp by StampMakerLKJAtheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Ramona by Prosper-the-XVIII
If you've seen my status (prosper-the-xviii.deviantart.c… ,) you'll know a little bit about this chick and why she exists. If not, I shall give context. 

Recently, through second-hand obsession with Orange is the New Black (from my mother) I discovered that Lea DeLaria is a thing. Being a semi-qualified dyke myself, I basically reacted in a way that is 10000% this and now I am obsessed. Literally. So I had to create a character so I could project this obsession. 

Now, I know what you're thinking 'Oh Prosper's just come up with another character that we're going to get three drawings and a meme of, and then just forget about'. No. Not at all. You see, unlike most spur of the moment characters, Ramona has a purpose in WwL (her name is Ramona if you didn't get that already.) After I started to deviate from James Bond fanfiction, there's been a massive hole in the story, specifically Evelyn's - if not Bond like in the original story, how the fuck did Evelyn escape from Camille? She sure as shit didn't just walk out, so what happened? That's where Ramona comes in. She saved her life, killed Camille, blah blah. But there's more...

I feel like Evy would feel this sort of debt to her, but never got the chance to meet her again to say thank you or anything. Ramona finishes up posted to the same case as her and Tiana in Hong Kong, but as she is still in the field, Evelyn still doesn't see her. That is, until she finds out (after giving Tiana up and subsequently releasing the other five MI6 captives that Tiana's torturers were offering back to the service in exchange for Tiana's life) that Ramona was one of the captured agents. While that mission was hailed one of 6's biggest tragedies, with an assumed death toll of four (Tiana being the assumed, the other three being the released agents) with one now-quadriplegic male, and her surviving. The reason they were left for as long as they were (a grand total of seven months) was Evelyn's refusal to be impartial and fighting for Tiana based on the assumption that the deaths or maiming of these other five won't have any knock-on effects on her life. Thus, by this time, in spite of being in the best nick of the five, Ramona was pretty much a complete wreck (though I refuse to tell you until the story is posted - her fate has been sealed since day one, however, and it ain't pleasant.) This just adds a new dimension to Evy's guilt about the whole thing - would it have been worse to condemn Tiana to death sooner, or to have kept fighting and further ruined the life of the woman who had saved hers? 

Story aside, regarding Ramona's character, she's just a big, puppy-loving dyke who basically never has a bad thing to say about anyone - she's a complete sweetheart given that she looks like she probably belongs in jail. 39, former body-builder and family woman from Illinois (hey, maybe she knew Lori...I just happen to keep the birthplaces of the character the same as the actor the character is based on, for accent reasons,) Ramona went through a 'straight phase' as she puts it, got sued and subsequently a divorce after catching her husband cheating and trashing his car; she got custody of her son, Jed, who was three at the time, and then eventually found love again in the form of MtF Trans* woman and tattoo artist, Michelle. She now she lives in the London suburbs with Jed and her wife's adopted son, Caleb (along with three dogs, seven cats, a chinchilla and about 40 guppies.) Aesthetically, she's based very heavily on Lea DeLaria (obviously) only younger, buffer, and with more tattoos. Like if her and Ruby Rose had a baby. 

I wanted to be sure that I was going to use her before I introduced her, and now that I'be basically finished her story, I think I can. Hope you like her!

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    Evelyn slumped forwards, grinding her teeth together as she let out a low, pathetic moan of agony through her puffy lips. The rounds were of a low caliber, but anything fired from less than a foot away into an area already riddled with bullets was bound to be painful. Camille - the heroin-pushing bum of a target she'd been chasing, (regardless of how well-dressed (or at least as well dressed as someone with no money or desirable taste can get,) eloquent, and disgustingly intelligent she was, this didn't change a thing; she was still a heroin-pushing bum) - strutted around her, seething with that arrogant, self-important manner that she had; her hands behind her back, and a scowl on her face which said 'I own you'. The gun was still in her hand - though this was like saying 'Evelyn's leg was still broken' as it had remained a near-constant factor since Evelyn's position had been compromised.
    Yes, she was praying that her call had gotten through to HQ, but by this point she was sceptical. There had been no days or nights since she had been captured; no rest - only consciousness and unconsciousness. She hadn't drank for at least three days, and was dehydrated to the point that dehydration normally became death by. She would say she hadn't used the loo, but this was perhaps somewhat of a lie; the indignity made her ill-inclined to talk about it. She was soaking wet; tears, blood, sweat, piss, and god knows what else - and her clothes were in pieces. She had worn a black t-shirt and khaki trousers, with flat shoes and her hair ponytailed at the nape of her neck, but now everything was bloodstained and tattered, her hair dishevelled and matted in some places to the roots with her own blood.

    Her head was bowed forwards, staring at her feet (as much as she didn't want to; with one of them being backwards, - a gut-wrenchingly white chunk of bone visible, having punctured the skin around her ankle, - this was far from pleasant viewing, but it wasn't any better or any worse than anywhere else, and keeping her head up used energy which she didn't have) and her broken nose and burst lips had dripped blood into her lap, which was now stained unpleasantly brown. This wasn't to say that the blood dripping down her calves, and spraying in places from arterial nicks in her arms and thighs, from the gunshot wounds that she'd long since given up on counting in her upper arms and thighs - maybe it was just one thigh - truthfully, all of her limbs ached too badly to tell - weren't contributing to how bloodied and disgusting her clothes were. 

    She hoped that HQ had gotten her call. She hoped, but by now she doubted it. There had been no time since she'd been cable-tied by her wrists to a lawn chair in the back room of a derelict former free house, and dragged to hell and back on the butt of a revolver. She knew Olivia - C, her distinctly unpleasanrt, grudge-holding boss, wo at best looked like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle -  hated her, that was for damn sure, but surely not this much? She was going to die - maybe she was dying already. She was going to die, in a shitty dive in the middle of nowhere, at the hands of a Parisian bitch who had chosen meth over teeth, with Evelyn's own gun in her hand - her own gun, for fuck's sake. She knew how shitty C was about retrieving the remains of deceased agents, particularly from high-risk situations ('high risk' being defined by her as any situation which couldn't be diffused with a paper-clip and a sharp stick, which this really wasn't.) She would stay where she was until she was nothing but dust, long after she was dead - waiting for the crows to get to her eyeballs, and eventually becoming worm food. C would tell her family - her husband, and Summer, and David...She wasn't saying that Matt was a bad person, but he was never going to be a good father to a boy like him; not by himself at least - that she had done everything in her power to save her, but it had been too little too late - the only true part of the whole thing; - tacked a posthumous honour on the end of her name; put her name on the memorial wall in the foyer of the MI6 building; and then she would never be mentioned again.

    Camille stopped her sharklike pacing by Evy's right side, and she felt the revolver's muzzle press to her temple. "Time to make your choice," she smiled sickeningly - her teeth alone could have made a person gag by looking - half of them were totally gone, the rest black stumps - but somehow, Evelyn had adjusted to them by now. "I'll be nice to you - I'll take pity on you - and I'll end you now, quickly. Or, if you want, we can keep playing. If one of C's puppets comes for you, I'll let them kill me, and they can have you back, and then you'll win. But you never know...someone could do this..." Camille changed the gun into her other hand, and sunk her middle finger into the bullet hole which was almost right above Evelyn's femoral artery (that one had been there for a while, and the blood flow had mercifully been stemmed by the bullet plugging up the hole - the thing which had caused it had almost saved her life by acting as a sort of tampon in a sense - which was probably why she wasn't dead.) Evelyn cried out, clenching her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut as blood sprayed up into her face as Camille manipulated the bullet around in the wound, widening it. The flow became less of a steady drip, more a small river down her thigh and pooling by her backside on the chair. Tears streamed down her face, cutting fresh streaks into the blood. "Oops," she sneered. "I think that was against the rules, wasn't it? Silly me." Evelyn sighed heavily, holding her silence - partly because she could physically do nothing else, and partly because she knew that a word out of line would decorate the nearest wall with her brains. "Well, I guess I'm just closer to winning now, aren't I? Are you still sure you don't want to forfeit?" Camille used her bloody hand to bring Evelyn's chin up. "Look me in the eyes, please. It's rude not to look at someone when they're talking to you, isn't it? I was sure they'd have taught you that at private school, you stuck-up bitch." Her schooling earned her a punch round the face, knocking her sideways and further fucking up her nose by the sound of things. She looked up, her face dripping with blood, snot, and cartilage. She wasn't willing to repeat this; she was reasonably happy with how her face looked; she didn't really want it reconfigured any more. "And besides, that foot of yours is hardly very pretty, is it? You'll be lucky to keep it...if someone gets you out of here, that is."

    By no stretch of the imagination did Camille look at all pleasant. Her hair was patchy and close to dreadlocked; reaching her backside in some places, and barely there in others. She had it pulled into a sort-of braid, though chunks had broken free over time. Most of these, she used to cover her face. Her various addictions, combined with brawls over the years had destroyed her nose - what was in the middle of her face was less of a feature and more a bloody mass of chewed-up tissue which would have made a boxer gag. She had a large scar slashing down the middle of her face; another splitting her lips in half. Her eyesight had been lost on one side, presumably from drinking methanol. A good chunk of her right ear was missing - it almost looked chewed off - and years of pumping her body full of meth and crack had ruined any appeal which her teeth had previously had. Aside from this, she just looked disturbing in that she looked unwashed and intimidating, with her dead eye and wrecked face. 

    "I am still happy to let you give up the game, you know," Camille hissed into her ear in the half-light like a sweet nothing. Her voice was beginning to sound pleasant - enticing, even. It'd been this long - C wasn't doing fuck all, that much was obvious. Maybe she-
    "Game's fucking over, cunt," the room was flooded quite of a sudden with a bright white light - natural light, a thing which Evy had forgotten existed. The light in the room had come from a flickering naked bulb, yellow and creepy if anything - and a voice - belonging to whoever had kicked the door down - shouted over Camille's disgusting whispering; American, deep but distinctly feminine, and intimidating as all fuck. Evelyn turned her head - a chore in itself - to the figure at the door. A woman - that was obvious from her curves - but about as close to being a man as she could probably have gotten; built like a brick shithouse, she wore a white dress shirt which was open to her cleavage, untucked, and rolled up to her elbows. Her arms were heavily tattooed; her hair was black, with a long fringe falling into her face, and buzzed around the back and sides. Bull dyke to the core, she was the kind of chick who would look more at home kicking the shit out of someone in a prison yard; certainly a good thing when her survival relied upon somebody at the very least kicking the shit out of Camille. And probably the most comforting thing about her - she had a gun in her hand. 
    "Who says, you fat fucking dyke?" Camille spat, firing one warning shot seemingly into the wall, before training her gun on the spot between the woman's eyes. She was evidently prepared to trash-talk for as long as she could to save herself; Evy had noticed this after two months of chasing her. She was intimidating, yes, and an absolute sadist; but she was a self-preservation artist. All talk and no bite; yes, she was clearly prepared to fuck a person up if it came down to it, but she wouldn't kill them. Her hand was too shaky to belong to a seasoned killer...and the three chambers nearest to the revolver's muzzle were empty. If she were to pull the trigger, absolutely fuck all was going to happen. 

   But she never got there. Before she could even contemplate using that slick trigger finger which she seemed so proud of (the holes in Evy's body were nothing but proof of this) the 'fat fucking dyke' by the doorway got there before she did. The bullet caught her in the throat, and as she convulsed on the ground, drowning in her own blood, the attention of her saviour was turned to Evelyn. Her voice still had that rough edge to it, but it was almost comforting now; quieter, and almost motherly in spite of the fact that she was probably younger than Evelyn herself. 
    "What's your name, honey?" If she was being honest, Evy resented her use of the word 'honey', but it was better than half of the stuff that she had been called recently, and given that the woman appeared to be saving her life, she was in no place to complain. 
    "Evelyn..." What the fuck? Whose voice was that? One of a fifty-a-day smoker; certainly not her own. She sounded gravelly and generally rather ill. "Evelyn Cameron..."
    "Perfect," she smiled. Compared to Camille's partially toothless snarl of a grin, this seemed almost so welcoming she could have cried. "My name's Ramona, I'm an MI6 agent too, but that's not really important. I'm going to get you out of here as soon as I can; I have a car parked outside, and we're going straight to a hospital as soon as you're in there. I can talk things through with you when that happens, but right now all that I'm concerned with is whether you're okay or not. First thing, do you think that there's any chance at all that your neck or your back is broken?" Evelyn shook her head, her previous attempt at speaking having drained her to her core. "Okay, now do you have any other objections at all to me picking you up, or do you think you'll be able to..." Ramona glanced to her feet. "Never mind. Now, I'm going to cut the ties around your wrists, and then if you can, I want you to put your left arm over my shoulders, and lean forward. I'll do the rest."

    Evelyn felt a heavy sense of relief as the cable tie was cut, and she felt the circulation start to return to her hands. Her feeling of helplessness was too great for her to feel truly free, but at least now she wasn't going to die. Not if she had any say in it. Per instructions, she leaned forwards as far as her screaming thighs could cope with, and wrapped her arm around Ramona's broad shoulders, grasping the material of her shirt as hard as she could bear - surprised that her hands were functional at all. Sure enough, she felt strong forearms scoop her legs up from the seat; this was painful to say the least, and she almost vomited as she realised that the coagulated blood had stuck her to the disgusting item of garden furniture which she'd been sitting upon for the last several days. But Ramona was steady and mercifully slow and smooth in her undertaking of the task, and soon enough she was carrying Evelyn towards the car outside - a shitty, but naturally very inconspicuous Ford Escort; banged up, with a cracked window and dents along the front bumper. 

    As Ramona lay Evelyn down across all three of the back seats of the car, the older woman half-smiled, forcing out her second sentence in probably more than two days, tears dripping down her face; "Thank you...s-so much..."
    "What for? I'm only doing my job."


    Evelyn woke up in hospital around three weeks later. She escaped with all of her limbs still attached to her, thank fuck; even if not quite in one piece. Surgery took the ammunition from her arms, and pieced her broken legs back together; by contrast, the hour it took to fix her nose under local anaesthetic was a piece of piss after all of that. It would be a year before she'd walk again, granted, and many, many more than that for her to stop seeing Camille's drug-ravaged face and the gun in her hand every time she closed her eyes at night. The habit of locking every door in her window in her house before she slept was one she would maintain until the day she died. But she escaped with her life. She received an MBE for her troubles, as unnecessary as she believed that this was; if being tied to a chair and used for target practice by the scum of the streets made her an 'exemplar of British fortitude,' but near-to thirty years of so much more than that got her jack shit but several firm rollockings and a broken eye socket, she had no idea what she'd been working so hard for. 

    Ramona, on the other end of the spectrum, had been lucky to escape with her job. No honours, or even a fucking promotion for saving a devoted agent's life; just the threat of redundancy should she act outside of her orders like that again. It eventually came to light that she had been stationed near to where Evy was for the whole duration of her torture - she was captured on the Tuesday night, and rescued early on Saturday morning. Ramona had been camping out in her car, waiting for C to say the word, and eventually she got sick of trying to wait Camille out - a good thing too, or she'd have found nothing but a corpse when she finally came. It was a mystery to her why she'd been made to wait so long; the woman was clearly so off her tits that she barely knew her own name - she hadn't exactly been a difficult kill. Ramona had encountered worse, that was for damn sure. It just appeared that C could have waited until Hell froze over to get to Evy; so long as she kept the figures balanced, and her prized reputation untarnished. The disciplinary hearing had certainly done no such thing to help her out on that one. 

And as for the two women; they never saw each other again until much, much later. After calling the nearest hospital to warn of Evy's pending arrival, dropping her off, and then reluctantly being seen to for the gunshot wound and broken shoulder that the 'warning' shot ricocheting off the wall and into her scapula had caused, Ramona spent a single night in hospital, had a minor op to get the bullet out of her arm, and was released the next day in the most stupid, unwieldy plaster cast ever conceived. That was the most surprising part to Evelyn, and possibly the most selfless; the woman carried her, and drove more than thirty miles with a bullet in her shoulder and a shattered bone in her arm. But they never saw each other again. Never spoke; never saw each other at the office; nothing. 

Evelyn took a year out to recover, then moved on to greener pastures, holding the fort at a station in Hong Kong. After a few months at home with her sons and tattoo artist wife, Michelle - mostly binge-watching Friends and drawing up ideas for inks to cover the scar on her shoulder - Ramona was back out in the field.

Evy thought of her sometimes, sure, and she was ever-grateful to her. But she never dreamed that their paths would crossagain.

Lest of all in the circumstances which they eventually did.

Purgatory of the Innocents Part 1
Proof that having a character based on someone you have a crush on (Lea DeLaria in my case here) is fantastic motivation for getting stuff done ;) I can't have started this more than three days ago, and it's done :XD: Im very happy with how it eventually turned out - I've been meaning to rewrite a more accurate version of Evy's story to the one on my page, and I guess that Ramona was just the right final shove I needed to get there.

Part 2 will be Evelyn and Ramona encountering each other a second time, after Ramona's own capture. I will say now, a description of her torture like the one here will not be included for the sake of my sanity if nothing else. Among various other factors, there would be several very graphic scenes of rape, which a) I cannot bring myself to write and b) I would have to put a very strict mature content lock on. I matured this one for the violence etc. as well as the mention of Camille's drug use, which could be potentially triggering, and Ramona's...shall we say 'flowery' use of language. I hate using the 'c' word - I put it because it fits the situation, but I do think its deserving of a strict warning.

Also, a note about Camille. For those of you who know her, she used to be a former CIA agent in my original story of her. This is now untrue. Her face is fucked because she has an addictive personality; she's being hunted by MI6 on account of her supplying a good amount of the crystal meth and crack on te streets in the UK, and because she's previously killed a few agents; and her scar pattern, plus that beautifully maintained hair has been changed for something...realer. I'll draw her again with her new design when I can be arsed.

That out the way, I hope you enjoyed reading, and that you're excited for the next half.
Writing a scene with Camille - everyone's least favourite crack/smack/meth-head - and struggling not to call her Pennsatucky just because of how she's started to look in my mind. On another note, the chick's a bitch; can't wait to kill her.
No Refletion by Prosper-the-XVIII
No Refletion
This is a drawing that has been in the pipeline almost since I came up with Rana/Tiana. I've always wanted to show the comparison between their faces like this - obviously thee changes brought about by age, her hair, and the contacts; as well as the things like the changes in her nose shape (from having rhinoplasty) and the dress sense alterations (see obnoxiously large earrings and copious amounts of black - her shirt was going to be yellow and gold, but colouring in all those little squares? No fucking thank-you.) 

It turned out well in my eyes - there are a lot of differences, sure, but not so many that they look like different people. 
Style Meme by Prosper-the-XVIII
Style Meme
Okay, so I wanted to try this for whatever reason, and I dare say it worked quite well - if you ignore my two cameo 'I tried' appearances.....

I'm also incredibly sorry for my horrencous attempt at :icon13foxywolf13:'s style - I picked her for no particular reason, other than her having a very distinct art style, and pre-existing drawings of Rana which I could base my work on. 
Being off school has given me a lot of time to do the things I love, reading being a big one of them. So, I found this and naturally had to do it ;)

1: Currently Reading
Finders Keepers by Stephen King
2: Describe the last scene you read as vaguely and in as few words as possible. No character names or title.
Back bedroom dirty secret spinal meningitis dead.
3: First book that had a major influence on you
Probably Harry Potter
4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first?
Betsy Neal. She's a minor character in a SK short called Big Driver, and I fucking love her. She also happens to have a fantastically generic name.
5: Favorite series and why
How to Train Your Dragon. Childish, I know, but I feel like it had the biggest influence on me as a writer and a reader, and I just think I'll always have a bizarre affection for it.
6: Public library or personal library?
Personal. I hate handling books that have shit like crumbs and stuff in them, and I always seem to get those from public libraries. Even when I buy second-hand books, I give them a very thorough once-over to check for food residue etc.
7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
Anything that explains a character's backstory or gives context to their actions or behaviours. The best example I can think of is Jud telling Louis about Spot, Hanratty, and Timmy in 'Pet Sematary'
8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?
I had to buy a book in a service station when I was going on holiday because i left my school assignment book at home (To Kill a Mockingbird, which I've already read) and it was the best one they had. I wanted to read 'Mr Mercedes' first, but it wasn't there, or else I'd have bought them both. So I just had to deal with it. I have TKaM to read for school, and I bought Duma Key and The Gunslinger second-hand - there's a good chance that, after I've gone through all that, I'll buy Mr Mercedes, read it, and then reread Finders Keepers, as I think there are a few bits that'd make a lot more sense with context.
9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
I've actually always thought about getting published under a pseudonym - I think I'd go for Blythe Lamb - I would have been named Blythe if I wasn't Edie, and Lamb is my mum's maiden name
10: Do you listen to music when you read? Make a mini playlist for one of your favorite books.
Yes I do, all the time. At the moment, one of my favourite books is Full Dark No Stars by Stephen King, so I think one song per story will do.
1922: Laura Palmer - Bastille
Big Driver: Serial Killer - Lana Del Rey
Fair Extension: Fake Friends - Joan Jett
A Good Marriage: Cupid Carries a Gun - Marilyn Manson
11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
Probably The Hunger Games
12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
I finished The Deathly Hallows on the plane home from Majorca when I was ten. I was sitting with a total stranger, and when Tonks died, I burst out crying in the middle of the flight, and the woman next to me had to call a stewardess over to check if I was okay.
13: What character would you befriend n real life?
I think I'd get on great with Camicazi. And I also have an odd level of affection for Jud Crandall from Pet Sematary - he reminds me a lot of my old neighbour, who passed away when I was about five or six, but he was essentially a third grandfather to me in a lot of ways. I can't put my finger on anything exact, but I have very fond memories of him, and additionally, like Jud, he smoked like a beagle.
14: Favorite item of book merch
I don't think I actually have any book merch......
15: Post a shelfie.
16: Rant about anything book related
They're too fucking expensive. Books are too fucking expensive if you buy them brand new, especially if they're just out. I remember when I was a kid, a hardback book was like £7; I bought Finders Keepers in hardback for £16. I don't want to wait six months for it to come out in paperback, or spend my life trying to find it in a charity shop where it'll inevitably stink of fags and dog-eared and water damaged and covered in fucking finger marks and food. I want to read it now, I want to own it, and I want it to be in good condition - too much to ask? No, it isn't. So stop charging an arm and a leg for a stack of paper.
17: What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?
Some of them are good, some are fucking dire. See 'Pet Sematary'. All depends on the writers and the actors. And how true-to-book they are. I'm not in favour of them changing it beyond all recognition like they did with HTTYD
18: Favorite booktuber(s)
Klaire De Lys for sure. I think that's about it....
19: Book that you call your child.
My signed copy of How to Be a Pirate that I'm waaaaay over-possessive of.
20: A character you like but you really, really shouldn't.
Annie Wilkes for sure.
21: Do you loan your books?
N. O.
22: A movie or tv show you wish would have been a book
I wish that they'd kept HTTYD closer to book, and that the hasn't fucked up the casting of Big Driver. I also think that Wicked should be a film - with the songs, but more aesthetically-similar characters. Cue rant about Fiyero and whitewashing.
23: Did your family or friends influence you to read when you were younger?
Yeah. My mum definitely did a hell of a lot. Im actually not 100% convinced that my dad can read :lol: Im joking of course, but he probably only owns about three books (on the other end of the spectrum, i have closer to 200)
24: First book(s) you remember being obsessed with
My mum read me Harry Potter when I was about five, so probably that. I did, however, spend a good chunk if the first book thinking that Oliver Wood was a stick, and then a puppet.
25: A book that you think about and you cringe because of how terrible it was
Any non-Will Grayson John Green books. And any of Jacqueline Wilson's 'teen' books :facepalm: or just most of her books actually. Her writing is just everything i dislike in a book; samey storylines;  no difference at all in the narrative voices of different characters; all speshal snowflake 'I'm not like other girls because I wear glasses and drink tea and read sometimes' characters; no real plot; all about nothing more interesting than family/friend/boy/a combination of or all three of the above troubles. Eurgh.
26: Do you read from recommendations or whatever book catches your eye?
Mostly whatever catches my eye. I have about three authors that, if they wrote it, I'm guaranteed to want to read it.
27: How/where do you purchase your books?
Either Amazon or second-hand. I'm a cheapskate.
28: An ending you wish you could change
The ending of Mockingjay seemed like a bit of a cop-out. I don't know what i would do to it, but I'd at least make it seem less rushed. I know I'd leave Peeta in the Capitol and have Gale die at the end to remove the fuckin love triangle 100%. I feel like that wrecked the books somewhat. And I'd make it really obvious what happens to Caesar, because not knowing is killing me. I hope they answer it in the film, and if they don't I'll assume he lives and shacks up with Effie, because that's just what I want to happen.
29: Favorite female protagonist.
I adore Camicazi from HTTYD. Also, I grew up loving Hermionie, so she gets a mention too.
30: One book everyone should read
Macbeth. It's a bit of a slog, and it took me forever, but I do love it. I have a few King ones too (particularly Big Driver, which is probably one of my favourite stories ever) that I love to bits, but really don't want to recommend  to anyone, partly because of how dodgy the story is, and partly because I'm like 'it's my favourite book, not yours, no you can't read it, it's mine'. It's just kinda too oddly precious to me.
31: Do you day dream about your favorite books? If so, share one fantasy you have about them.
I daydream a lot about a better movie of Big Driver - fantasy about that one is basically just same cast and events, but with a correctly-coloured cat, and Lea Delaria as Ramona Norville. I also think a lot about my own stories being movies.
32: OTP or NoTP?
In books, my non-canon OTP is probably Caeffie. Canon OTP is Stoick and Valhallarama. My NoTP is PeeNiss.
33: Cute and fluffy or dramatic and deadly?
Dramatic and deadly. If you're in any way familiar with my writing, you'll know all about this. I do like some cutesy books, but generally don't have time for romances (partly because I'm a full-time dyke, I get sick of being unable to find anything that isn't same-ol'-same-ol' straight white couple)
34: Scariest book you ever read
Bits of Pet Sematary scared me absolutely shitless - it's King's bit at the start in which he speaks about it all beig based on real life, with just a touch of hyperbole and 'what if' that makes it all worse. It's creepy. And for the love of Christ, keep the old man alive! Note to self: stop getting attached to characters.
35: What do you think of Ebooks
I had a kindle for three years. I never used it, and I sat on it a few months ago, which finally killed it. I think that about answers it.
36: Unpopular opinions
I really, really don't like John Green books. I think his stories are shitty, samey and overrated, his characters are generally pretty poor, and his idea of diversity is a gay white guy and a token black friend. I especially dislike TFIOS, because it's just any other overdone, boring teenage romance with the addition of cancer.
37: A book you are scared is not going to be all you hoped it would be
I want to read The Green Mile, but I'm worried that I'll dislike it owing to people bigging it up too much. Likewise with 'Salem's Lot and The Dark Tower series (I already own the first one though, so it's happening soon.)
38: What qualities do you find annoying in a character?
I really don't like any sort of damsel in distress or "Im not like other girls" type characters - the last one annoys me just that little bit more. I also really don't like it when a book has a lot of inner monologue written by a special snowflake-y kind of lead character which is mostly dedicated to 'oh woe is me, I'm straight, white and middle-class, but my life is so terrible blah blah' and bitching about other characters. I'm looking at a lot of teen fiction here.
39: Favorite villain
In proper serious adult books, Annie Wilkes, or Morrie Bellamy. In terms of kids books, Alvin the Treacherous.
40: Has there ever been a book you wish you could un-read?
Twilight, the three chapters of Fifty Shades which I read as a joke, and I also want the day I wasted on TFIOS back. That book is grossly overrated.

***I KNOW ABOUT THIS TIME LAST YEAR I WAS SINGING THAT BOOK'S PRAISES. Kindly disregard anything I said about it. It's crap.***

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